View Full Version : Audi Affinity reset bug after completion

14-06-2018, 20:12
After purchasing the season pass I finally found some races I could gain affinity in with Audi cars. 4 at Circuit Of Americas, in 2 different races, 1 on LMPH i think, then 2 rally races. Before the 2nd rally race I checked my affinity and it looked about 4/5th of the way. After the race I got 'Group B Accolade' or something then my Audi affinity was reset to zero and showed the lock symbol again!
To add insult to injury all of those races were hard work could not get either car to steer around COTA (finished last 4 times) then eventually just lowered AI from 100 to 25 for the final Audi rally race before it reset.
I actually have video of it being there at almost complete, then my rally race, then being reset to zero if that's any help.

14-06-2018, 22:42
Solved..sort of. After the manufacturer screen section deletes the progress bar, I did one more Audi event and this time it awarded me the affinity. May have been something to do with getting the Touring B accolade before?