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16-06-2018, 06:03
having fun tuning a car in rally cross, which I don't normally like but this tune is having me smiling!
It seems every time I take the joker detour on the FIRST lap, IF I'm not in first place I get warning
"return to 4th place" for example
as I am now in last place cos of the joker I cant do this so I get a 30 second penalty
sometimes its "unsportsmanlike conduct" other times its "excessive track cutting"
I MAY have noticed at other tracks but its definitely happening at Lankebanen.

Great game, minor bug for em as tuning but someone with no restarts at high AI settings may get bummed out...


It;s the RX Euro Champ Tier 2

just ran semi final - got penalty when entering in second place
ran final managed to actually beat them off the line did NOT get penalty for taking joker first time around (guess as I didn't actually 'take' a place off anyone)

next race at hockenheim RC set AI to 00 and followed first car slowly and took joker lap. Immediately got penalty again saying to return to 2nd
I double checked the rules..i can take the first lap right? didn't notice the problem in other tiers last week

ran next session and waited in last place...guy in 5th took joker lap i followed and got no penalty.
was testing see if mattered if i was last but the guy got there before me :D
seems only to happen IF the human player is first to take joker lap IF he is not leading on the first lap
(havent even thought about checking if it happened on a lap other than the first...it's late another time maybe!

16-06-2018, 09:24
It is perhaps not a bug. It appears that rally cross rules prohibit first lap jokers.


16-06-2018, 12:20
It is allowed to take the joker in the first lap. I drove the rx championchip in the highest tier and i took the joker very often in the first lap.

16-06-2018, 15:24
Should be easy to clear this up from devs? Rules and Regs in game make no mention of taking Joker in first lap being a penalty. If you take it TWICE game states clearly TAKEN TWICE! It does not say that when the penalty is given for taking on first lap. It just says give place back to opponent.
I was in Tier 1 RX today and had same penalty in Daytona.

16-06-2018, 15:40
Yes, FIA appear to allow any lap.


17-06-2018, 22:41
Well it's definitely a penalty in game...under certain unknown conditions.,
Ford Escort off road challenge at Lankebanen in the ice/invitationals
First lap was in 5th place went for joker first turn told me to get back in 6th.
then i restarted went in last - no penalty
then i went in 3rd cut across all cars - no penalty.

i think it's something to do with how it detects you have 'gained' ground against someone rather than an actual first lap joker penalty.
be nice to get some confirmation.

17-06-2018, 22:54
Just curious, if you do this with a Quick Race rather than Career, do you get the same penalty?

18-06-2018, 07:20
Just curious, if you do this with a Quick Race rather than Career, do you get the same penalty?

you mean like quick race? or custom?
havent tried but will give a go tomorrow.
have to make sure its a rallycross template or else it wont mean anything

18-06-2018, 13:03
you mean like quick race? or custom?

Yes, the Quick Race Weekend option (using the Rallycross Motorsports preset would be the easiest).

18-06-2018, 16:26
When I went through the RX career month or two ago I got penalty at Lånkebanen on the first lap joker. It would have been a good opportunity to save time on the first lap, since the beginning is so twisty and there tends to be traffic jams on the first lap.
I thought that it was forbidden on purpose and didn't do it again but aimed to be the first or the second in the first turn.

19-06-2018, 13:21
Yes, the Quick Race Weekend option (using the Rallycross Motorsports preset would be the easiest).

OK will do that shortly and edit this post with result.

19-06-2018, 22:29
Custom race
Rallycross preset
Lankebanen track
1st attempt
Joker taken first lap
Video is unlisted - don't need any more online whining about issues being dealt with!