View Full Version : Spirit of Le Mans - R&R needs to be patched

18-06-2018, 18:50
Today I've noticed that when trying to set a custom race (24h Le Mans with 15x time compression) with Endurance Rules and Regulations I was not able to choose any of LMP1 2016 cars. Endurance R&R has three classes preset (LMP1, LMP2 and GTE) which in my opinion needs to be updated.

18-06-2018, 21:22
Known issue. Class hasn't been updated yet to include the DLC. Maybe next patch, 2-3 months away if schedule remains roughly the same.

Maybe not... :rolleyes:

19-06-2018, 00:04
I noticed that too but they won't update it. The default preset cannot include cars that are on DLC. LMPH are locked for those who didn't buy the DLC...

20-06-2018, 23:18
Would adding another preset be so hard?