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18-06-2018, 19:28
For the first time i tried different classes and open wheels racing. The game has improved a lot and now even Formulas and open wheel racing is enjoyable. The force feedback has improved a lot and the tyre model finally is spot on. Great job, SMS!

Formulas were so frustrating at release, now they are very fun. Not to mention the live track at its full potential.

Honestly at released i was scared of the state of the game but could see the potential. And now it's there for everu type of racing (oval racing is playable too).

18-06-2018, 19:32
Do you mean, job?

18-06-2018, 19:40
Do you mean, job?


18-06-2018, 19:42
Thread title updated.....

18-06-2018, 19:50
Did I just miss something funny?

18-06-2018, 20:13
Did I just miss something funny?

Snooze, you lose Tank my son!

18-06-2018, 20:26
Did I just miss something funny?

The referee of the England v Tunisia game. But that's another story.

20-06-2018, 13:50
I've been playing PC2 since release and what they have done to ffb, AI and tyre model throughout the process has been impressive. Formulas and open wheels were unplayable at release now i can easly say that PC2's Formula Renault is one of the best open wheel experience ever. Crazy to think last september with so much work to do on tyre model, AI beahaviour, AI grip, LT3.0, ffb and overall balance