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18-06-2018, 21:59
Hi all

Im in serious trouble here, and i need your knowledge and possibily your help.
Im trying to compete in the Factory driver license for Lambo, one of the two left in my main career. The one with the Huracan SuperTrofeo.
The event is in Autodromo de algarve, with light rain and daily time. I went straight for Wet tires, anyway during the race the weather evolve to cloudy, the track warms and my front tires temperatures go up reeeeally fast :( . I tried to add pressure to front tires and get some height from ground. But nothing changed, and at the 6 lap, the front tires are 2 red blocks in my HUD. Does some of you have a good setup for this event, or can tell me what to adjust to finish the race. Im running with a Xbox1 gamepad, on pc, with "real" car setting, so the ABS is on and also the TCS.
I also thought that adding few laps, lets say from 6 to 12, and just pit-stop, change tires and go. Don't know if the AI also do it.

Thanks for your help :o

Sorry for my english

18-06-2018, 22:27
I tuned this car for career at Algarve, and yes the tires are a problem like they are for many other races. You could try my tune below and see if that helps or just run the race as short as possible on wets. Many, many times have I tried to do longer events as some of the cars and tracks are great fun but always the tire heat and wear ruins it for me and I end up running minimum distance. To me it is the worst issue with the game followed by the AI who never seem affected by tire issues like us. I did a 25 lap race at Hockenheim with the Cosworth Sierra in the wet. Gained 15 seconds on the AI at 100/100 by half way but then the tire wear got to me and I ended winning by only a few seconds. The AI never slowed down at all!
Pitting is certainly an option if you run the AI low enough to get a strong enough lead first, but then it just seems like you are managing the whole race in your favor.