View Full Version : AI Career uneffected by rain

Joey Fazza
22-06-2018, 04:54
Am I the only one noticing that the AI can withstand loss of grip in the rain on career? The rain was so bad in the race Iíve just did I had to pit but the AI seemed completely fine to crack on, effectively losing me the race, doesnít seem right at all

22-06-2018, 05:06
Presumably the AI already had wets fitted st the start of the race hence didnt have to pit?
That is one slight quirk of the game - the AI can know earlier than you if its going to rain or not. I would have just restarted the race with wets.

Joey Fazza
22-06-2018, 07:20
I don’t think so because once I pit and fit the tyres I can chase them down, but you have situations where the rain comes like 2 mins before end of race and the car becomes undrivable, so you have to pit, but the AI solider on for a lap and a bit and win, seems really odd

22-06-2018, 09:01
The AI is effected by the rain in the way that their lap times are slower. They don't struggle like we would, they just go slower to compensate. If this happened in the middle of a race, they would pit. If it happened as you mention 2 mins before the end of a race, they wouldn't but neither would Lewis Hamilton.

It's really down to practising racing in wet conditions so that in the end we can handle the car better and the end it only effects us by slower lap times also.

I'm the same, but to be honest I haven't put hardly any time into practising driving in wet conditions so it's not really surprising that I'm weak in that area.

Joey Fazza
22-06-2018, 11:23
Doesn’t help also on a pad, am sure be easier with a wheel to cope like

22-06-2018, 13:46
Maybe not a good anology, but racing this Sim with a gamepad could be the same as playing the Sim in 640x480 :)

This Sim deservers a wheel even if is just a regular wheel without FFB, there are wheels cheaper than a gamepad.

Joey Fazza
22-06-2018, 14:24
Ive just had a kid so it’s not the best time for a large awkward object in the house haha

23-06-2018, 11:32
Ive just had a kid so it’s not the best time for a large awkward object in the house haha

Ha I feel your pain. I was a game pad user for years and didn't really mind them. I thought they were good.....that is until I managed to get that large awkward object and will never look back.

The wife was struggling to get me a Christmas present just when the g29 and shifter came down to 150 quid on Amazon. Solved both of our problems and happy days