View Full Version : My full 24H experience

29-06-2018, 11:55
I'm one hour away from completing and winning (unless something crazy happens) my full 24H with AI teammate. I've been waiting since PC1 to run it. I wanted to share my experience with those who have it in mind.

1-If you love the real 24H and simracing this will be the best gaming experience of your life (and it's not even close)

2-It's not that hard. The good thing about the AI teammate is that you can still go for short stints

3-The AI teammate as said in other threads is slower so find a difdiculty levels that takes into account the number of hours you are going to drive and the AI teammate pace. Running it at the sane level you usually play is not possibile at the moment (sadly but i hope in patches), the only way would be driving for more than 12 hours. Find a level that aims to 6-8 hours with you at the wheel.

4-It's not that hard. Find a day and organize your stints according to that. I'm lucky because i work at home so it's easy for me but a national/local holiday/weekend would do it

5-Do not repair your engine unless you have enough lead. The engine repair in real life is the car taken into the garage (think it like that). You should be able to finish the race without problems (or losing power) if you're not overheating. Have a full repair strategy set (with engine, brakes and gear box) and use that as the car taken in for a check or a repair to make sure it will get to the end

6-Disable penalties if you wanna play it with the AI and trust your teammate

7- The AI teammate doesn't run out of fuel. Didn't happen to me in many endurance races and in the 24H with last updates

8-If you wanna stream it. Remember that Youtube has a storage limit of 12 hours (3 parts of 8 hours each are the best solution). If you are streaming from a console, remember that if the stream crashes you can experience some code error that won't allow you to stream the rest of the race. On ps4, for example, when a stream crashes you have to restart the system which is not possibile in a 24H. The best way is to use a game capture: i coudn't stream the end of the race because the stream crashes on PS4 and the only way to solve it was restarting. Find a game capture: buy it or ask to friends. You won't run a 24H every day so it's normal to want to have it saved or streamed even if it is just for yourself.

9-The force feedback turns off with the AI at the wheel. No peoblems for me with the fanatec csl elite (i was scared about the wheel turned on for so much time more than any crash or bug)

10-Hope to see more love from the devs to the AI teammate because it is one of the best features of the game and PC2 is the only game who can provide you a 24H racing experience