View Full Version : question about the suspension setup on the Vintage Prototypes A

30-06-2018, 19:40
hi guys,

I'm wondering which suspension/damper settings works best for the Vintage Prototypes like the Porsche 917 and the Ferrari 512. I understand that those are very old cars and the suspension frequency does not exceed 3hz(from PC2 Tuner) but I'm wondering which would be suitable for those cars: more rebound damping like the GT cars? or try and exaggerate the setup to give it more bump dampening like modern Prototypes/Formula cars? I know that those 70s cars have little to no downforce, but they are considered as Prototypes, so, I admit that I am a little bit lost.

the thing I know is thhat to get a somewhat realistic approach, I have to set the suspension in a oversteery setup to help the car turn due tu the lack of downforce. but the main question is for the dampers

01-07-2018, 01:28
Hey, I can't say about the 512 but the 917 is in this game is unlike any of the videos of the real car I have watched or the 917 Steve McQueen drove in the movie Le Mans. Our in game version bounds around like a Bounce House on wheels, at every shift or god forbid application of the brake the car will nose dive, yaw, pitch or contort like it was assembled in pieces connected by slinkys. No adjustments you can make to the dampers can make it look like a real car in the replays, it will rise up then still pound it's nose like an angry goat battering at it's own reflection in a mirror. The best thing I have found is to adjust the brake bias toward the rear and try and keep some slight pressure on the brakes steering with the brake and throttle since the wheel is pretty much a place to hang your hands while running a lap.
The AI are easily beaten when you use Default Loose at 100/100.
The AI car behavior is completely different than your car, they look normal, no nose planting and bounding about. See when I enter the corner my nose is scrapping the pavement while the AI has barely lowered the nose.