View Full Version : Guide line could do with some tweaking

01-07-2018, 17:39
Guess whos back, back again.

Ok i know this isnt off concern to the racing gods and self proclaimed stigs that shout down anyone that dares mention any type off helpful aid.

And yes i know the guide is basically a roughish guide and doesn't follow the true race line and braking zones etc.

But as an aid to help learn each track it needs to be consistent in relation to the braking zones. For instances some corners i can easily make although the guide line is solid red past the apex. And then their are some corners that show solid green past the apex. Although if i were to follow the guide id be way way off line and dead.

Not saying the guide needs to be perfect but consistent. It should either be cautious for every corner and stay red or it should be green and more testing for every corner.