View Full Version : No one's on rallycross servers?

06-07-2018, 19:52
Hi All.
Was just wondering why no one races online in the rally cross servers?

R-VR Closet
06-07-2018, 19:55
I sometimes do, but only if the server have driver score turned off.

06-07-2018, 20:10
So when you click to search for only rally cross servers, you see some or none?

07-07-2018, 00:57
It's too hard for sim dads.

07-07-2018, 10:26
It's mostly because no practise is possible with RX.

08-07-2018, 18:03
I still found rallycross room too, My opinion RX it not really sensitive car, very easy to control and avoid spin mistake if know trick to drive :D

David Slute
13-07-2018, 18:46
Love the rallycross and think its a hidden gem within the title but needs an update.

Little to no chassis movement under braking and no sense of braking through the ffb....something iracing does very well.

RX lite only has 2 clutch plates in rl....ingame has a default of 6

Launch control is wrong and the suspension does not load up....engage clutch, select gear and hold the ebrake the suspension should load up.
In pc2 the car just does a standing burnout moving from left to right with no suspension load ?

Practice, quali and heats.....we have it in single player, so why not in mp?
I switched to iracing do to the proper implimation of mp but quickly found out the rookie class had more participation without the heats.

So please SMS add at least practice and quali to mp, you guys have the best rallyX content on the market with excellent loose surface physics so please polish it off :)

David Slute
13-07-2018, 20:35
It's too hard for sim dads.

Father of 2 and find it very convincing and easy to manage :)