View Full Version : How can i upload or download a car setup in the game?

08-07-2018, 03:24
How to do it guys?
Just like Steam workshop.

08-07-2018, 03:25
from the Time Trial leaderboard

08-07-2018, 19:35
from the Time Trial leaderboard

More info please

08-07-2018, 22:32
One way is to go to the section "Time Trial". Select car in the Car category. Select track in Track category. The Leaderboard on the right hand side should show a listing of cars for the selected track. Browse through for the car, the setup you wish to get a setup for. Look for a Ghost (indicated by a ghost icon associated with the car). You will only see ghosts for the top 30 cars listed. Select car and Load Ghost for it. Go to your Tuning section. There you should see the setup. (Could be in "SHARES"). Load the setup.

Another way is if you're in the same Lobby as someone else they can share a setup for you. If you ask them to and they do (or if they share with you anyhow) you would see a notification that "XXXXX" has shared a setup. Same thing....Go to your Tuning section..."SHARES", see the setup, select and load it. You can rename the setup afterwards if you wish.