View Full Version : Scripted AI moments

09-07-2018, 12:12
Was racing in career mode and on the opening lap at Knockhill I saw 2 AI fight and both end up running off the track big time in order to miss the crash. I figure wow thats cool that they are racing hard. My daughter walks in front and trips over my wheel cord and pulls out of the Playstation. No big deal, restart the race....sure enough exact same 2 cars end up in the same spots. Just for s's and giggles I restart the race another time just to see. Again same 2 cars with the same result.

09-07-2018, 13:12
It's not scripted. The AI has programming that it's following. If you put the same AI in the same situation (starting position) with the same programming, you get the same result. That's how programming works. Although I would wager due to the differences of how each platform processes information, the same scenario won't have the same outcome on the other platforms.

09-07-2018, 16:43
After my tv went into standby I had to restart a race at Spa luckily only 4 laps in . The first time 2 cars lost control and ran extremely wide at Blanchimont . When I restarted no such thing happened so it’s not scripted