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10-07-2018, 00:21
Just wondering the preferred method you all might have for setting up cars that have high downforce. Do you strip all the aero off and dial in the mechanical grip first, then add aero? Or do you load up on aero and gradually bring it down while working with the mechanical grip to fine tune it? Or something else?

12-07-2018, 02:23
Watch Yorkie’s recent videos on that subject. He’s really good.

Jussi Karjalainen
18-07-2018, 21:25
Just for reference, for extended racing I mainly try to adjust the cars to have a good balance mechanically, then add downforce to that without upsetting the mechanical balance. I don't really set up the car without DF first, partly because DF actually does work at all speeds (really high DF settings actually sort of matter the most at low speeds, since DF increases by the square of the speed you'll get high DF at high speeds anyway), partly because 0 DF setting does not mean "no downforce" (it just means minimal downforce, and not necessarily well balanced DF either with everything at 0). The calculator is a big help in all this for me, giving me a starting point, and after that it's about feeling the car out in low and high speed corners, seeing if the balance changes drastically.

19-07-2018, 00:20
I really wanna go down the aero model rabbit hole, I have so many questions hahaha.

19-07-2018, 04:15
Aero is tricky and it helps to know about the real car. The Indy road for example has incredible under body aero and if you ride it low and stiff you can take a lot of wing off it.
But stiff is bad for Mechanical grip, right? It was interesting how the default car was set up in pc1. Really soft in the rear from memory. This made it squat at high speeds and raked at low speeds. You'd think the soft rear springs give you good traction but no: the rear of the car got too high at low speeds and lost downforce, ending in a car that had bad traction out of slow corners. Clever though. Get that aero and mechanical working together you get a really easy car to drive fast.
Where a 100% stiffer front on a GT car might drive horrendously, on the Indy it can work a charm if you get the dampers, ride height and wings right.

My suggestion: tune it together not separately based on your needs. Like a big juggling act.

It's all a compromise, and there are different solutions to achieve more or less the same results.

09-08-2018, 09:33
I don't drive a ton of "high-downforce" cars except the odd prototype but usually I start somewhere in the middle with the aero settings. Generally I put a little more rear wing than front since I want a little high speed understeer. From there I just do some laps and try to feel it out. Also my assumptions of what will be needed depend on the track. If its Monza I am trying to shed as much aero as I can without it trying to kill me. If it is somewhere like Imola or Brands Hatch I tend to assume a little more aero is needed.