View Full Version : New to project car 2 need a little help

Mark Torcaso
15-07-2018, 23:41
Hi guys, lm looking for a little help. Started up the game today and out of nowhere my FOV change and I canít change it back. Any ideas. Thanks for any help. Mark

15-07-2018, 23:51
You probably accidentally changed it by pressing the assigned button for that?Or changed to a different camera, which has a different FOV?
Anyway, easy fix, go to options, camera settings, there you can specify the FOV you want for each camera.

Mark Torcaso
15-07-2018, 23:59
Thanks but I tried that anything I do theirs no change. It very strange.

16-07-2018, 00:09
Hmm, maybe you just changed the camera and not the FOV? Can you post a screenshot of what your current view shows now?

Mark Torcaso
16-07-2018, 00:15
You may be on to something how would of I done that?

Mark Torcaso
16-07-2018, 00:16
The view is from what looks like the center of the back seat.

16-07-2018, 01:14
OK, so you just changed the camera. I do not have access to the game right now to check it out, but look in the options, in the key assignment section. In on of them, there is an option to assign a key to change the camera. See what key is assigned for it, or just change it to something else, then go racing and click that key to change the active camera.

Mark Torcaso
16-07-2018, 01:18
Thanks I will try that

16-07-2018, 03:05
What cpcdem said. You've just changed to the "back seat" or what I like to call "rally" camera.

Mark Torcaso
16-07-2018, 04:25
Ok Iím back to the front seat but Iím now sitting in the center of the car. Driving 911 Carrera RSR

Mark Torcaso
16-07-2018, 04:29
Hello hkraft300, so how did I change the driving position? It’s not something I did on purpose. And did I go back. Thanks for the help.

16-07-2018, 05:24
Press the camera button a few more times :)

16-07-2018, 08:35
Press the camera button a few more times :)

Do this.
Have a look in your controller settings in the configuration menu where you assign keys. Look for camera view change button and hit that a few more times when you're in the car.

Mark Torcaso
16-07-2018, 13:52
Ok guys many thanks, I’m good, don’t ask me what I did but all the info helped.

27-07-2018, 04:22
Not to necro a solved problem, but one suggestion:

Different cameras work better on different combinations of car/track. Sometimes using a wider or higher camera can help you spot something you can't see from a cockpit view. I was getting penalized like crazy on the Sainte-Devote corner on Azure Circuit until I used a higher camera and spotted the curbing.

(As an aside, I do have to wonder in print why it seems to be impossible for video games to get an "official" Monaco circuit: we have Azure Circuit, the house that Yamauchi built has Cote d'Azur, and so on. Surely the Grimaldis can't be asking THAT much for the naming rights...? But that's another thread.)

Anyway, keep the Cycle Camera button handy: once you know what it does, it can be most useful.

Vic Flange
27-07-2018, 04:43
You didn’t necessarily do anything. Every now and then my view changes itself to bumper cam (I always use cockpit view as I play in VR). It only does it at the start of a session, never while I am driving.