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17-07-2018, 05:42
Yes mates!!!

The last weekend we did a real 24h of @Lemans here, on Project Cars 2, FA4RACERS did it possible!!! with a 10 hour of streaming during the 24h of the race. And we did it in Ps4 with more than fifty drivers evolved in the race, 14 teams (3 or 4 drivers) running in two categories: LMP1 and GTE:

Videos are in Spanish language:

Qualifying season:


Race season Start to 21 hours streaming:


Race season informative advanced:


Race season 16 to 13 hours streaming:


Race season 3 to Final race streaming:


As you can see, it is possible to do it with illusion, with some changes like do it in a free practice season instead of do it in a race season in order to exit/entry drivers option, counting the laps instead of knowing the real position in the race and things like that, but, it was possible and real.

For that reason, I think that simracers want more, we want do more resistance races: 6 hours blancpain series races, 12 hours endurance races, 24 hours of Spa... but, for that we need swap driver, the game has had the option, but it is not the one who let you do a real swap driver in multiplayer season, for that reason @Ian Bell, @Nathan Bell and rest of SMS staff, give us the real option of swap driver, give us the opportunity to enjoy more and more that awesome game.

I am an engineer with more than 20 years working as an engineer, I can help you to give the solutions needed to achieve it. Let me help you to do it possible with my ideas.

@FA4RACERS will continue doing that kind of races, with or without SMS help, but, if we can do it together the game will do a step forward.


17-07-2018, 07:22
WOW... great idea mate !!! :cool:

So, free practice, 24h time progression real, rolling start.
If a team wants to change his driver the running driver must pit, retire, disconnect and his team mate will join the session starting from pit lane
Counting laps for every single team driver you have the final classification

You need a good organization but, wow again, you were able to do it

Absolutely amazing!

17-07-2018, 11:01
Great idea the 24h practice and retire/login, but it's hard to coordinate all participants and keep the standings updated during the "race".
Congratulations on your initiative and hope some day we could do this kind of races in a easier way.

17-07-2018, 15:19
Software could help you with that, someone write a UDP app where you enter the teams/members before the race, then during the race (practice) the app keeps track of each driver's/team's laps and shows them on a phone/tablet that you put next to your tv. When you use the retire/login track, the app will know in advance what that means (it will regard the team's car as pitted) and will be able to keep up and keep thing smooth regarding the leaderboard It should also be able to keep track of timings, best team lap etc. Shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

20-07-2018, 10:37
What FA4Racers did was great! I also watched some parts of the stream, although I do not understand any Spanish xD

We are going to do a similar format for our 24h race at Gavra Racing and trying to solve a few of the problems. The race will be at 25th/26th of August.

We will use UDP data like cpcdem said to have live timings during the race and to know the current position and pace compared to others at all times. We use the images of the cars that Chawabax did for that. Great thanks to him! Here is an example picture of it:


I coded it in python using pygame. The program works perfectly but I still want to improve it a bit. I use the positional data for it, so it already knows if someone is in pits, but I also want to ensure the correct using of track limits by it.

Driver swaps will be performed in pits and we try to make it fair to teams racing with friends on a single PS4 as some of our drivers want to do that.

We will also provide a stream during the race. We plan to have different commentators alternating with each other like the drivers do during the race. It is possible to use a shared account for that. So setting up one account for director and one for broadcaster and share the password with all commentators. Then one can go out of the session at the end of the "stint" and log out of the account. Another one logs in, starts PC2 and goes into the lobby. He/she will automatically be the director/broadcaster again.

We also want to invite teams from other leagues to it. So if you are interested to have a team of your league in the 24h race, just write me "hio_91" in PSN! We will publish more infos about it soon.

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22-07-2018, 01:36
Nice op congrats :D

24-07-2018, 21:34
Great work y'all, keep it up!

04-08-2018, 23:26
We did some test races today and yesterday in a qualifying session and it occurred that drivers that rejoined the session were not visible for all the other drivers. Also the UDP data is not correct and therefore our automatic live timing. Is this a known bug (maybe even wanted???) in a quali session? Can this also happen in a practice session? Maybe ProDriver knows something about it, or did this not happen before the latest patch?

I know that we are expanding the games purpose of quali sessions and that in a usual session there wont be a problem with cars not seen by others (dont know if the collisions are still on) but lets hope we can still use the practice sessions for the 24h. We will for sure try to do it in a practice session next and see if that also happens...

If someone knows something about it we would be very glad if you can share it with us!

05-08-2018, 00:28
Check this thread: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?64192-We-have-both-transparent-and-invisible-drivers-why