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19-07-2018, 07:55
I have the problem that I found a fitting skill level setting for my taste (can keep up and get qualifying times) but, as Iīm only human, my times around the track are not always the same. Sometimes you get corner less perfect, sometimes braking to early... normal. The AI seems to always drive the same though. They always keep similar lap times and barely mistakes. Once I mess up something small, unable to get up again.
I am looking for a setting that the opponentīs times are also a bit chaning sometimes. that they also sometimes make mistakes, worse laps, slide out of track.
The skill seems only to affect the oppenents speed. Can I change the agression to make the other do more mistakes like sliding out and so? Not sure what seeting would help.

19-07-2018, 09:53
Agression might effect on AI to make more mistakes, at least in the race. Still, with AI agr 100%, in GT3 and GT4 I never see crashes or even mistakes done by AI.

It is true what you wrote. Try to read my thread about finding suitable AI skill below. I managed to found an AI level for myself, where I donīt have to be exact and top speed all the time.

19-07-2018, 10:11
Thanks for the reply.
Yeah, I think especially in GT3/4 it has become a problem for me that the opponents always seems to drive perfect and hard to keep up with always giving 100%. In other classes I had no problems.
Would be good if higher agression would also mean they make more mistakes because trying too hard

19-07-2018, 11:23
Would be good if higher agression would also mean they make more mistakes because trying too hard
Yep, indeed. Same factor applies to human behavior.

19-07-2018, 12:04
Back in the older patch days applying max aggression and lower skill level resulted in mayhem on the track, it was quite amusing watching massive pileups on the first bend etc, but I think things have gone too far now on the conservative side and the AI are just driving in a train within a couple of seconds of each other lap after lap, which is all well and good if your in the pack or leading but if you make a mistake, which being human is possible, then you have no chance to catch up and finish last. At least IRL the spread of lap times is a lot more, for example top 20 at the Spa GT3 race in quali was split by 8 seconds, that never happens in this game. 2 seconds at most. Just add some more skill levels to the AI, so quicker, some slower to have more of a spread across the field.