View Full Version : [Solved]Made a custom livery but in pCars2 it's just red..

22-07-2018, 03:44
Hi, I've made a custom livery but when I try to save it and load it in pCars2 it's just plain red...
I've tried every variation of DXT5 compression and I just get a shade of red or blue: (EDIT: I've switched to DXT1 with mipmaps and can see the base green color but cannot see any of the other layers, they are not hidden)

Here's a quick example:

Here's the result:

Tar Heel
22-07-2018, 06:10
Choose BC3/DX5

23-07-2018, 15:47
I noticed I only had the option to export the selected layer so I just merged them. That an BC3/DX5 worked. Thanks.

Tar Heel
25-07-2018, 04:34
Yeah you have to flatten and then export. Make sure you unflatten and save after exporting if you want work on the livery again. I've learned that lesson the hard way