View Full Version : G29 Wheel, no throttle in reverse

25-07-2018, 23:49
Hi all, have been using project cars 2 for about 8 months with a controller. Just bought a Logitech G29. Still learning, but if i spin or something and need reverse, the shifter paddle puts it in reverse, and says R on the shift dial, but the throttle pedal does nothing. There is a red line that shows around the shift dial, but nothing. When using throttle, this line is green. Any ideas? I am in automatic mode while learning the wheel. Thanks

26-07-2018, 02:38
You use the brake pedal to reverse after shifting down to reverse, not on the gas cause it puts you in first gear. Use a G29 myself.

26-07-2018, 13:19
Thanks for the response, I will try that.

26-07-2018, 14:48
Failing that take it out of automatic shifting mode - shouldn't really need that with a flappy paddle wheel :)