View Full Version : Hori Apex for summer use?

27-07-2018, 21:03
Guys, i'll move to my summer house next week for almost a month. My setup is CSL Elite + Elite Pedals with LC and Club Sport Shifter.

Does the Hori or the T80 worth the buy as "travel wheel"?

I'd love to keep playing racing games when away from home. I don't think i'm the first fan of racing sims who thought about the possibility of a summer/holiday/away from home setup...

28-07-2018, 00:06
I used to use a t80. I still have it in storage somewhere, but I couldn't imagine going back to it even if it was temporary. I would at least invest in a t150 or g29 for travel use

28-07-2018, 00:23
I'm with Sentry on this.