View Full Version : Ginetta G40 GT5, all tracks ( well most), 120/100.

02-08-2018, 12:34
A few weeks ago I suggested I might try this 'completist' challenge.

My initial aim was to get a win on all the tracks but I soon realized the vastness of my task, so I have done one layout from each circuit using the layout I prefer, often the shorter as they suit this car better.

I have also left out ovals and historic circuits as they can be a bit dull with a slow car. All the races were done with default loose with hi or low final drive ( usually low).

Going for 100% wins was also ambitious and would have have taken too long, I was anxious to crack on after one or two restarts.

41 races over 40 layouts ( repeated one in rain), 23 wins, 6 second, 3 third places.

What did I learn? This car just the right balance of grip and power. Adding a small amount of power in a turn tightens the line and this can be used on exit similarly to trail braking on entry to control your cornering. R Essarts is very slippery and bumpy. Porsche dynamic IS Stunt Car racer.

I also discovered that I have avoided from habit a few gems such as Silverstone Stowe and Raupuna Park.

I am now doing a similar play list with the Caterham 620r, my next fav car, I don't expect as many wins. Onwards!

Ginetta Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdgLGqlRYCRKYOQqs2OvQinRpIC4KCUBt

Stunt Car Racer.


Porsche Dynamic.


02-08-2018, 16:58
Great stuff! I love the G40, so much fun.
Also, ten points for Stunt Car Racer, classic :cool: