View Full Version : Time trial leaderboard filter

10-08-2018, 12:04
Are there any plans for this? Make life easier. Ok has been explained before,my bad should of searched.

13-08-2018, 11:56
I was also going to ask for some help. If I try to set up a ghost, I can't seem to filter for class and car. I just get the fastest cars and if I put one of them on as a ghost, it just disappears into the distance before I can learn anything. Can anyone explain how to filter the ghosts so that you can choose car series (GT3/RX etc)? Thanks

13-08-2018, 11:58
That's not possible on consoles I'm afraid.

16-08-2018, 12:04
Every time the same sentence "It’s not possible". What’s about thinking about an new solution for this problem witch is working on consoles. :mad:

I'm not sure, if you can imagine how big this problem for console user is? Nor you are able to learn from Ghosts neither you can't have good and proven setups.
I know several people with have moved from console to PC to manage this problem. Is this what SMS want?
Are console user not important enough to work on an alternate solution for this problem?

Okay, I just realized - you are an PC user.

20-08-2018, 13:31
I see the moderator response now. That is disappointing. It seems bizarre as well that a function simply wouldn't work for a console user.
It's not like I am going to go off in a huff, but its quite discriminatory.