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16-08-2018, 13:57
Thinking of getting the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer wheel and as PC's is the only racing sim I play does it work as well as the Thrustmaster T300 wheel on this game? and are the drivers the same as the ones for the T300 wheel? as I'd still like to use the T300 for my truck driving sims, also do the rev counter lights on the TS wheel work on Project Cars.
Many Thanks for any replies.

16-08-2018, 14:19
Like to know too as Ive just upgraded to the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer, Thrustmaster 599XX EVO 30 Alcantara Edition, CSL Elite LC Pedals from my old faithful Logitech G25

16-08-2018, 17:00
I had previously T500 RS, which predated the T300, and moved to TS-PC Racer. I didn't have particular reason to upgrade except for the bulky size of the old T500 RS and I wanted to have my desktop bit tidier.
I don't consider TS-PC Racer a must move, but I've been happy with it; if feels much smoother and doesn't have the friction as T500 RS did (from the brushed motor as is in T300).

The driver set was the same as with T500 RS; I swapped the wheels around couple of times to update firmware of the older wheel, to get the TS-PC Racer's original wheel to work with the older base, as I'm giving the old one away and one of its built in shifter's micro switches is dying. Since that worked I'd expect that T300 would work with the same drivers as well.

[And folks with direct drive wheels, please, I had just bought the Sparco R383 addon wheel I didn't want to depart from, plus I had the very good pedals from T500 RS. DD maybe next time. ;) ]

16-08-2018, 22:55
I like my TS-PC racer, I upgraded from a T300. The firmware updates are different.

17-08-2018, 08:12
I did the same move from T300 to TS-PC Racer and I am happy with it. Driver package is the same acc. to the version hints from TM.

17-08-2018, 10:40
the rev-lights of the ts-pc racer work with Fanaled.
i upgraded from a G920 to ts-pc racer and together with the settings of the "Thrustmaster FFB Settings" which can be found in the forum under "technical help"-subforum these wheel-base is great

17-08-2018, 15:49
Thanks all, so I'd need 2 different firmwears and drivers on my PC to switch between the 2 different wheels (T300 and TS-PC) ? bit confused

17-08-2018, 16:43
Thanks all, so I'd need 2 different firmwears and drivers on my PC to switch between the 2 different wheels (T300 and TS-PC) ? bit confused

No, the same (latest) Thrustmaster driver package works and can update both wheels' firmware. It is just that it updates them with their latest firmware for those models respectively. For instance my T500 RS got updated with an older firmware number compared to TS-PC Racer.

You don't have to worry about it; when you update the wheel firmware, the tool does not let you install the incompatible firmware to older wheel. And for switching from one wheel to other, it is just plug'n'play as usual with USB-devices.