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18-08-2018, 11:45
Modes: private test and custom race
Track: Nürburgring Combined
Car: Porsche 911 GT3 R with custom setup created by adjusting the “loose setup”
Time progression: 10x
Start time: 16:00
Date: end of May 2018
Weather conditions: Lightly Cloudy

Yesterday evening I decided to run a speeded-up 24h race at the Green Hell with 24 AI drivers (same car class) set at 85% (skill) and 35% (aggressiveness). Now the fun begins. First of all the opponents. At the front of the grid it was full of AMG SLS GT3, Renault RS01 and BMW Z4 GT3. Cool, I like those cars but let’s be honest, the SLS and the Z4 are quite old now and since we have their “updated” versions in the game (i.e. M6 GT3 and AMG GT3) I rather prefer racing against them. Ok, nothing critical, just a minor issue which were reported at day one. I then start the race, after the automatic procedure (as soon as the lights go green), no matter how hard I push on the accelerator the AI on my right was faster than me at the start. I cannot understand why but let’s move on, it’s just a place. After the race started I reached the first turn (the Yokohama-S) and here one can appreciate the impressive work done by the developers in laser scanning the track. That section is all made of concrete and there is a curb you can use there, not a stupid triangular and pointless gravel trap (AC, GT sport and IRacing got it right but PCars needed to be different, I guess). Moving on, all looks fine, I managed to recover the position lost at the start and I was leading by 5-6 seconds heading towards the Karussel. From here on, folks, magic happens for the AI (which was manageable for my skills up until this section). Do not know how, they enter the Karussel and they speed up like madmen. Hohe Acht, Hedwigshöhe, Wippermann, Eschbach and entering Brünnchen my 6 seconds lead was gone in just 30 seconds of race. After this part of the track then, the AI became manageable again. Nice, this AI inconsistency adds so much realism. Everyone is faster than you for no apparent reason in one section of the track (even the slowest ones). The night was rising, track and air were cooler (something like 16 C for the air and 24 C for the track) so that my hard tires were cooling and tire pressures were dropping (front tires temperatures varied between 60 – 75 C and the rear were a roughly 10 C hotter). I was expecting this to happen as those tires were set up for day conditions (80 – 100 C with 1.80 bar front and rear). I was expecting this to happen, so I tried to take it more easy as the car felt more unstable and it was pretty dark. I thought it might have been optimal to pit for a set of soft tires but the AI did not pit. I expected them to have my same problems but, hell no, they had no problem whatsoever. Needless to say what happened, the AI caught me up and started to overtake me easily. No doubt it had more pace than me so I tried to increase it a bit but tires were not good enough so I hit the barriers more than once. Angry and frustrated I hit the DNF option in the menu and ended the race (the AI, indeed, never pitted for the whole race).

This morning, I set the same scenario of the race described above but I entered a private test session so to check my pace in an environment without other drivers on the track. First few laps were great, I had a pace that I liked for a couple of laps (roughly 8min 35sec per lap) and the car felt very stable. Then, again, the night started. Of course, the car started to feel way more loose so that my pace dropped, but I wanted to stay on the same tires as the AI did in the race. I made some minor mistakes during the night but the interesting part of the story began as soon as the sun started to rise. Air and track temperature started to increase and my tires reached again optimal working temperature and pressures but guess what? The car was undrivable in sections were, during the night and with non-optimal tires conditions, it still reasonably was. In particular the tail was very loose at the Ravenol bend (left turn after the Schumacher-S in the GP section), Veedol chicane (chicane before entering the Nordschleife), Aremberg, breaking point and first section at Adenauer Forst and Hedwigshöhe. In all those points I was experiencing spins or near spins which I was not experiencing during the night with less favorable conditions. I really cannot find a rational explanation to this, really. It’s driving me crazy and I’m starting to hate the game for this. Tire wear? Impossible, on the telemetry screen nine-tenths of the tires were still filled in green (also, without overheating, hard tires should last at minimum a stint and I had still 50/60 L of fuel in the tank). The back of the car is way more loose due to less fuel in the tank? Impossible, 911 GT3 R has the fuel thank located at the front of the car. Track conditions? Impossible, the weather was fixed and conditions were more suitable during the day than during the night. Please, give me an explanation for all these inconsistencies in the game.

18-08-2018, 12:23
I think the AI do need some tweaking for sure, the difficulty balancing does honestly seem inconsistent

For example in the rain and when doing Rallycross events I usually have to whack up the difficulty to avoid dominating them

It is probably most noticeable in career mode, just pick any series and stick with a single difficulty and you will notice across the events your pace in comparison to the AI can shift by multiple seconds depending on the event. For example (my more major mistakes aside) in Ginetta's at Oulton Park my race pace was enough to be a mid-pack competitor where as when I got to the Silverstone round in the rain I finished around 30 seconds ahead of anyone else. Yes I am more familiar with Silverstone but I am not at all proficient with wet weather driving yet still the contrast seems huge

I can't comment on the other issues you raised but some AI tweaks would be appreciated because it can be a bit of a struggle to get the AI difficulty balanced to my skill level sometimes

And maybe in the future it would be nice to get something similar to Racerooms dynamic AI difficulty