View Full Version : [Advanced] Suspension Statistical Analysis.

19-08-2018, 18:43
Hello All,

I just wanted to share some of the documentation over at Racing Sim Tools that we are creating for our users. While the graphs generated in the documentation are from PC2Tuner and this document was created as part of the RST Tuning School, the theory, and analysis of the histogram can be used on other programs that utilize damper histograms, as such it is a great resource for all individuals to read.

In the upcoming weeks we will continue to add advanced documentation on tuning theory for the more hardcore users that like to go down the engineering rabbit hole.

Please enjoy and share with others!


20-08-2018, 05:30
Here is one regarding performing a fast fourier transform FFT on our suspension data to transform the data from the time domain to the frequency domain, to determine if the system needs more or less damping.