View Full Version : Help! Constant vibration when braking, can't seem to fix. :( :( :(

22-08-2018, 20:12

Spent hours on a fairly dialed in setup for formula rookie class on Sonoma.

All of a sudden, the second I press the brake, I get controller vibration and the telemetry [I think it's the FFB area] shows a vibrating green AND red line.

I've played with every setting that I can think of and can't figure it out. I couldn't find information on what those two lines meant and I'm wondering if my installation is "broke"...

Any thoughts / suggestions are very much appreciated.

22-08-2018, 22:33
What happens when you go back to the default setup, like loose?

23-08-2018, 04:07
Are you locking the brakes?
Try lower brake pressure in car setup.

24-08-2018, 22:38
I just tested "loose". Same result.

It feels like ABS is going crazy or something... But I've tried turning all assists off and nothing changes.

24-08-2018, 22:40
From the loose setup, I lowered brake pressure to 50%; same result.

I can press the trigger maybe 25/30% and all of a sudden vibrations all over the place.

24-08-2018, 22:42
Even with light brake pressure at slow speeds, it still vibrates like crazy.

What is the green line anyway?

What is the red line?

The documentation sucks on this.

24-08-2018, 22:47
Also re-confirmed all assists are OFF.

I feel like FFB is corrupted or something. It makes the game unplayable, because all it does it vibrate, vibrate, vibrate.

24-08-2018, 22:54
Here's a picture of the telemetry.


24-08-2018, 22:55
Controller Settings:
- Brake sensitivity is 50
- Brake deadzone 0
- Controller Vibration 50

24-08-2018, 23:04
I switched to an online game with GT3's. Same issue. I don't know what I've done. Any thoughts before I reinstall?

Mad Al
24-08-2018, 23:21
how about actually telling people what you are using, control wise ?

The lines mean different things depending on what you have plugged in....