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30-08-2018, 03:08
I ran an event for cars Road C and I realized that the Mclaren F1 is too fast for the other models. Would not it be better to change this model to a better category like super-super sport cars?:confused::confused:

30-08-2018, 05:14
The f1 would get smoke by the big 3 if its put in road A:D

30-08-2018, 06:37
On a different track the F1 won't even be the quickest.

31-08-2018, 02:15

31-08-2018, 10:00

In Road A there is already the McLaren P1, at Silverstone GP for example the P1 is at 2:02.739, the McLaren F1 is at 2:13.524. At other tracks the gap is less but still favors the P1. Monza, F1 1:49.939, P1 1:43.866.

Per Stewy at Brands Hatch GP the F1 is at 1:32.564 while the 570S is at 1:30.159.

You can check out other tracks using the Steam Portal. http://cars2-stats-steam.wmdportal.com/index.php/leaderboard?track=1988984740&vehicle=980572679

If you look at the cars the F1 has a huge advantage in outright top speed but since it is a much older car it loses out in in the chassis and braking to the newer cars, when the track has more corners and fewer long straights the F1 gets left behind.

31-08-2018, 10:04

On Le Mans, it is slower than the McLaren 570S and the Porsche Carrera GT
On Catalunya GP , Donington GP or Brno, it is neraly the slowest out of it's class...
and that's only a few examples.

For more examples, see yourself: https://pcars.13ms.de/#/times/1740968730 - you can filter by class too.

31-08-2018, 16:59
Especially F1 loses because it does not have Trofeo R tyres or its equivalent Semi-Slicks, so unless the track consists mainly of straights, it has no hope against Road A cars.

Some of the cars in Road B might be a different matter though. :)