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05-09-2018, 18:41
I've had Project Cars for a bit but don't get to play that often due to a busy family/work life. However, I've managed a bit more time on it recently and am now into my 3rd season on career mode. I've just had a race at Mt Panorama in the GT4 series and really enjoyed it. The AI seems well balanced to my current ability so it was a good dingdong, but even the main race was only 12laps (with a compulsory pitstop). So, when I had an invite to anther race there I thought I'd knock up the duration to make it a 22lap race, but with no pitstop.

By lap 12 the tyres started to drop off, I'd been caning it a bit so not surprised. However, I was trying to understand what the GUI was telling me. Where the 4 tyres are shown in the GUI, with different colours for temperature, the 'bars' that make them up had changed in length (shortened). Is this supposed to indicate tyre wear? If so, other than practicing moderating my driving, can I use this to indicate how much I've taken out of the tyre life?

Any pointers appreciated.


05-09-2018, 19:27
Should explain it.

05-09-2018, 19:34
Thanks! I had no idea there was so much telemetry simulated. Mind boggling!
So, I'll give it another go tonight and not drive the first 10 laps like a qualifying session. It was nice seeing the gap open up to 15s but frustrating when they all caught me up later on! :(

06-09-2018, 08:15
Check out the 3rd party telemetry apps.
Sim dashboard on Android, vrhive, pcars dash... have a search on your mobile/tablet app store. Can get much more detailed data than what's on the game hud.