View Full Version : Sound after patch 7.0

15-09-2018, 17:38
I have a big critic of the sound of PC2 (where PC1 was awesome). In particular via our surround sound system. Well patch 7 has changed all that. Bass has returned in spades and is now awesome. Change the LFE level in game also has an effect whereas it had none before. The GT3 Merc, Bentley GT3 and Sauber are particularly awesome. It is not detailed in the changes but the sound change is night and day for me!! Thanks very much


17-09-2018, 12:40
That was the major downside for me on this game. Sad to see it took a year for them to fix it. Sadder more is that my son broke the dvd reader on my PS4 so my PCars2 is no longer good.