View Full Version : Request: Add MS Sidewinder FFB

15-09-2018, 23:18
I own a MS Sidewinder FFB and I'm happy with it.
Unfortunatley this wheel is not officially supported by Project Cars 2.
I'am aware that this is an old wheel but I think it has a true fanbase.
This wheel was supported in Project Cars 1 and it's implementation in Project Cars 2 by the developers should not be too complicated.
Therefore I hope that in an upcoming patch this wheel will be added.
Anyone supporting this?

16-09-2018, 12:38
Erm I used to have one of those - about 20 years ago? With all that’s required in keeping a game supported for the few years of its active life, I really don’t thinksupprting a 20 year old wheel should be a priority I’m afraid.

16-09-2018, 13:32
Frankly, i can't see them granting this request.. The user base must be at best minimal by now! I remember i had one (for about 5 minutes) , huge deadzone, vague and rattly ffb.. At the time fun mind!

Christiaan van Beilen
16-09-2018, 15:07
Wow... for a second I wondered if that think already had USB or if it was still fitted with a gameport connector.

Let's be honest. Yes, it was a fun little thing at the time but in 20 years (and especially the last 10) steering wheel technology has improved massively. Any of the wheels would be a massive upgrade to the old Sidewinder, especially any belt driven one.
Better FFB with no deadzone, better pedals, full 900 degrees of rotation or more on any wheel these days, better game support in modern titles.

Someone from SMS would have to comment on why the support was dropped for pCARS 2. Although I wouldn't be surprised if all wheels with less than 900 degrees of rotation have been dropped, but I haven't checked this. It's just that 900 degrees is a minimum standard nowadays in sims.

David Wright
16-09-2018, 18:19
I'm amazed it works at all in Win10 - I thought Microsoft dropped driver support for it many years ago. I had a Sidewinder FFB wheel for 4 years from 2001 to 2005, but when GT Legends came out, the FFB was prone to dropping out, the old cars in it really required a 900 degree wheell, so I replaced it with a Logitech DF GT.