View Full Version : in game ffb suggestion changing cars on fanatec csl elite

16-09-2018, 17:12
hi guys, just a simple question, i run on raw gain 100, volume 55,tone 55 and fx 60 and i'm on fanatec csl elite.
I pretty happy with those settings but i'm not sure if i have well understood the ffb graphics...so my question: when i change car i should try to have all the bars in the graph changing the ffb parameters of voluke, gain and so on (except the clipping one)?!?Or i should only change car and the feeling i have is the one of that car?!?I mean if i go with this settings on an lmp1 car they work and are very strong pretty saturating all the graph, when i choose another car like lambo lp620 supertrofeo i have a good feeling of the car but the bars are not all in...what should i do?!? Leave on raw with that settings or always search for complete bars saturation om graph?!?thank you so much