View Full Version : Why are hard slicks in TT undrivable on cold track?

20-09-2018, 11:18
Not questioning anything, but if anyone could explain the following to eh, my friend that knows nothing about these things 😃

I was doing TT at Hockenheim in GT3. I rarely drive these cars, but I have tried a few, and remember that the 488 was extremely easy to drive. Loose default, track temp 22. Every car is very nervous under braking, and TC working hard when accelerating. I could hardly finish a lap, and was very slow, even by my standards. Was about to give up when I noticed track temp. Switched to Softs, and instantly the 488 was super easy again, and I was at least 2 seconds quicker.

Question is, the tyres were up to temp and pressure, since it was TT. Even so, even first braking zone on first lap, it was very nervous. I played with brake bias etc but nothing helped.

So why are warm Hard slicks with good pressure so bad on a cold track? Again, not questioning, but wanting to learn.

20-09-2018, 11:23
The tire temps shown are NOT the surface temps.
So while initially your temps may look good in telemetry even on hard slicks, the surface already cooled down enough to decrease grip.
Hard tires are also quickly losing grip below ~90C. If you can't keep them above 85C constantly (after a few laps) switch to soft slicks.

20-09-2018, 12:54
Tyre model was tweaked with patch 7 so the Hard Slicks are much less grippy when cold, whereas in patch 6 they never seemed to lose grip in "fresh" conditions (i never tried them with really cold track) so picking softs over hards was basically never a good option.

20-09-2018, 14:53
Thanks, makes sense