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20-09-2018, 18:50
Dilemmas with selection of equipment

I warmly welcome everyone, this is my first post here. I need your help in choosing the components.

I currently have a base: i7 8086k delidded 5.0 Ghz with water cooling, Z370 AORUS Gaming 7;

I'm not sure about choosing between 50 "TV and a single 35" curved monitor.
Monitor or tv will be on the stand from rseat together with rseat n1 frame.

I'm considering buying first:
- AOC AG352UCG6 Black Edition
- Philips 49PUS6561with imput lag 36 ms

in the VR environment I am considering purchasing:
- htc Vive Pro or Vive without „Pro”

As you probably noticed, I miss the graphics card. And here is the biggest dilemma:

RTX 2080 Ti or RTx 2080 or GTX 1080 Ti…

Any tips will be appreciated

Red Leader
20-09-2018, 19:03
TV vs Monitor:
The monitor with its 120hz/4ms response time. Inputs will feel crisp and instant compared to the TV. The better aspect ratio is also perfect for games, especially sim racers.

Vive vs Vive Pro:
I'd stick with the regular Vive. The Pro will require far more horsepower to maintain a 90fps lock. Personally own the Vive and there's no issue reading cockpit gauges.

2080 Ti vs 2080 vs 1080 Ti:
This one's tougher, if the price tag doesn't scare you away, the 2080 Ti is the clear winner here. Between the other 2, the 1080 Ti is a much better value proposition. I don't think the 2080 makes much sense right now.

For context, my rig:
Alienware Ultrawide aw3418dw
Ryzen 1700
EVGA 1080 Ti Sc2
HTC Vive (prefer the ultrawide now)

20-09-2018, 19:07
TV vs Monitor: No doubt. Go for the monitor.

Take a look also to the Predator X34P (very similar) and the Alienware AW3418DW (more expensive but 3 years...)

Soon will appear the X35 & PG35VQ that will be the next reference in UW gaming monitors (UHD, 200Hz, G-Sync2), but probably too expensive at launch.

For move the game at 3440x1440 you need the best GPU you can, but I've seen that PCARS2 don't take much advantage of the RTX series ATM.

21-09-2018, 00:55
I would recommend the Vive over the Pro. The Pro is only slightly better and not worth the price difference.

You may want to wait a week or two and see if the 1080 Ti comes down in price after release of the 2080 Ti. Based on the current price to performance, the 1080 Ti sounds like the way to go, especially with VR. You may also want to wait a week or two to see all the benchmarks between the two.

With the Vive I only occasionally use the monitor for gaming, but this will depend on your needs / uses. I tried a TV for a little while but the lag can become an issue.

26-09-2018, 12:47
I have similar system i7 8700k 4.8ghz and a 1070 on 5760x1200 on triples waiting for a 2080ti to arrive.
think the 2080ti will be better at vr too some benchmarks i found but for AC below but looks promising. personally i am going for 3 27" 144hz 2550x1080 gsync and waiting for next gen VR Star VR or Primax to arrive :)

Asseto Corsa VR (max settings, 3840x2160):
RTX 2080Ti: 83.1 fps

RTX 2080: 66.4 fps

GTX 1080TI: 74.2 fps

RTX 2080Ti 1% low: 43.1 FPS

RTX 2080 1% low: 42.7 FPS

GTX 1080Ti 1% low: 43.1 FPS

RTX 2080Ti 0.1% low: 41.4 FPS

RTX 2080 0.1% low: 39.6 FPS

GTX 1080Ti 0.1% low: 40.3 FPS