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23-09-2018, 13:11
After staying away for a while because of the issues in the UDP stream, I thought I'd take a quick look today and see if I can use it.

The very first packet I receive is 784 bytes long and in the packet header, the type is '10' (this is value of the byte at position 10 in the array). According to the header file in the documentation, these are the possible packet types:

enum EUDPStreamerPacketHandlerType
eCarPhysics = 0,
eRaceDefinition = 1,
eParticipants = 2,
eTimings = 3,
eGameState = 4,
eWeatherState = 5, // not sent at the moment, information can be found in the game state packet
eVehicleNames = 6, //not sent at the moment
eTimeStats = 7,
eParticipantVehicleNames = 8

So am I right in assuming that trying to use this data is still a waste of time?

23-09-2018, 17:43
A quick test with my app, it seems to work as before. I'm using PCars2 mode.

23-09-2018, 17:46
My post was more about the dilapidated state of the documentation really. The detective work needed to work out what the documentation should say, and how the data actually behave

23-09-2018, 17:53
I agree that the documentation is on the low side. I had no real problems using the data by just looking at the include fles.