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Urban Chaos 2.0
26-09-2018, 13:43
Bathurst Setup


Bathurst Race


During this race, watch how the approach to Murray's Corner (the straight section seen at 2:08) gets dirtier and dirtier as the race progresses, and drivers keep bringing dirt onto it from turns 21 and 22. During the cooldown lap, you can see the kind of lines the other drivers take, and the reason dirt is being brought onto that section of the track. Livetrack 3.0 is simply amazing. And remember, this is not merely an aesthetic change. The physics engine handles the causes and the effects of such things realistically. Such detail is not to be found in any other driving sim. This is what sets Project Cars 2 apart from it's competition, and this is why you will often find it difficult to adapt, if you've learned unrealistic driving techniques from far less sophisticated driving games. It may take some time to unlearn some things, but eventually, you'll understand more and more why cars do certain things, and you'll be able to deal with these things.