View Full Version : Project Cars 2 on a PS4 RS Dash issues

01-10-2018, 12:23
Good afternoon all,

I was wondering if anyone else has had any issues with Project Cars 2 on PS4 with RS Dash. I have contacted both pocket playground, the makers of the app, and my service provider EE and neither can help. Im suffering with about 5-6 seconds on lag between my tablet and the game.

I have the new EE Smarthub, which has very limited options that you can adjust. Just wondering if anyone else has this router and has managed to get it all to run smoothly.

Any advice would be very welcome.

Killg0re NL
01-10-2018, 12:55
Have it sometimes aswell. But doubt its RSDash related.
As my Buttonbox also has this delay when the delay happens on RSDash.

I suspect my router (Netgear Nighthawk R7000) of beiing unable to process the whole UDP stream.

For now i got the frequency set to 4

02-10-2018, 08:19

I'm using rsdash and pcars dash. No program saves "csv" files. how to do it? I'm playing on Ps4. please help