View Full Version : Hilarious standard tuning Camaro ZL-1

03-10-2018, 23:05
The standard tuning of Cheverlot Camaro ZL-1 around the nordschleife track, even the stable standard tuning, is bouncy like a basketball. If you wanna know how not to tune your car, that is a great example of a too loose set up. I stiffened front spring rates 3 or 4 clicks. Same for front anti roll bar, stiff max.
Then stiffen rear spring rates 4 clicks and loosened rear anti roll bar so I can full throttle on corner exit.
And see the difference of stability, is insane. It's a completely different car at that moment.

Only if your car is really flying up in the air, from small bumps, then you can say it is too stiff. And around a more smooth track and wide track with less elevation changes and higher speeds, then a loose setup can totally work in allot more over steer on demand. But that car is just... If you throttle it goes up like that muscle car from fast and the furious 1. And breaking, if there was a child sitting at the back of that car, they would fly up through the roof of the car, as if their seat ejection system was launched into activation by merely breaking one time. I think it's a good idea if you wanna prank passengers.

It kind of drives like this: