View Full Version : FXX K vs P1 GTR vs Revolucion - Ultimate Faceoff

08-10-2018, 17:18
3 Laps each
Same weather
Same time
Fuel Load set to 72L each
Tyre's (Soft) Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo R
Default setup used with all 3 cars

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

P1 GTR - 1.44:106 - DRS Fully Active

FXX K - 1.48:646

Revolucion - 1.47:972


P1 GTR - 1.49:240 - DRS Fully Active

FXX K - 1.54:181

Revolucion - 1.53:645

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

P1 GTR - 2.20:380 - DRS Fully Active

FXX K - 2.25:020

Revolucion - 2.26:200

Final Thoughts

FXXK - This car is atrocious when it comes to braking distance its like trying to stop a school bus and really bad at cornering.

Revolucion - What this car lacks in hp to the other two it makes up in great braking distance and cornering

P1 GTR - The p1 gtr is the best in class sorry to say with the added bonus of DRS and a KRS system that last 3 times more then the fxxk and with the great cornering and braking distance of the Revolucion its a win win with this car.

11-10-2018, 11:07
Final Faceoff this time with Pirelli Slick Tire's and the same condition as ^

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

P1 GTR - 1.41:749

FXX K - 1.45:498

Revolucion - 1.44:640


P1 GTR - 1.45:796

FXX K - 1.49:675

Revolucion - 1.47:941

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

P1 GTR - 2.16:020

FXX K - 2.20:440

Revolucion - 2.19:780

Final Thoughts

Lol at the fxxk 0-3 at least it looks nice.

Pure domination by the p1 gtr good job mclaren :D

Gonna need to start driving the Revolucion more amazing car.