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10-10-2018, 17:44
Well, a slight exaggeration in the title, at least for now. :p It's far from finished, but I realized I'll probably finish this by 2021 if I'm to do it by myself. I started this document a long time ago, and forgot about it. I wanted a way to see what tracks where part of different career paths and tiers. Didn't find any so I started my own. If you want to help, add info below and I'll add it to the document.

There's probably a better way to share this. Right now the source is a Calc spreadsheet (OpenOffice) that I saved as a .html. Please let me know if there's a better way.

UPDATE: The data is now in a Google Spreadsheet. It has to load completely before you can use it, takes maybe 10 sec.

Link to spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Iawer2_pf0SnIo8-VDKb2nOJoE93BXuHvBgPrsJp2Po/edit#gid=0)

Select a series in the upper dropdown, and it'll return the tracks etc for that series.
Select a track in the lower dropdown, and it'll return the series that the track is in.

If you prefer to see everything in a big spreadsheet, select "Tiers_data"-tab bottom left. Here you can add/change the data too.

18-10-2018, 15:51
Updated, I think all tracks for all tiers are correct now.
Also I moved it to a Google Spreadsheet, and made it easier to look up the series you're interested in.
I also added a dropdown where you can select the track, and find out what series that track is in.

I'll update the link in the first post to link to the Google Spreadsheet.

18-10-2018, 15:55
This is really useful!

18-10-2018, 16:05
Good to hear, thanks! I was looking for this info myself but couldn't find it anywhere :)

If anyone wants to add/edit the data, select the second sheet in the spreadsheet called "Tiers_data" (bottom left). That's where the query on page 1 gets the data from.

19-10-2018, 12:07
Nice job!

19-10-2018, 14:20
good job.
there is a concern about the Euro Master TC. Your table includes both European TC (TIER 2) and International TC Euro (TIER 1).

19-10-2018, 15:17
Good catch, seb02! I've accidentally named the two series the same, which causes problems. It's been fixed in a patch :D (this "software development" is hard! bugs patches bugs patches bugs patches! :D)

I added "Intl" to the Tier 1 TC Series. I also added a column far right that displays what tier the series is in.

21-05-2019, 10:29
Updated this, since someone pointed out that there was some duplicate tracks. Hopefully fixed now!

21-05-2019, 12:03
Great doc. I was also searching for something like this! One thing that I miss in your doc is the 100% distance info. Weather it is N laps or hh:mm race. I run my career on 100% AI and 100% distance and race length and weather is what I am looking for ...
I updated tier 1 GT3 Pirelli and some of tier1 Endurance Challenge

21-05-2019, 13:02
Shnoo80, thanks! That's certainly possible to add. I haven't got that info, and honestly right now I haven't got the time or energy to collect it.. currently my spare time goes to projectcalc.org. But anyone is free to edit/add to the document. The data is in bottom left tab called "Tiers_data". Enter extra data in column I, then change in tab "Blad1" (main page) the formula in cell A5:

=query(Tiers_data!A2:H;"select * where G = '"&A2&"'";0)

Change from A2:H to A2:I to add one extra column etc.

21-05-2019, 13:31
I added race length to column I in Tiers_data tab

21-05-2019, 16:52
Now we just need all the data :)