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13-10-2018, 19:58
So Im relatively new. If I have automatic weather tires do they automatically put me on softs are hard? Also how do I know what ai are using? I noticed a real difference when I picked softs instead of automatic weather tires? Thanks for the help

13-10-2018, 20:46
If it rains or snows you get wets or winter or ice tyres, but otherwise you don't really know for certain which tyre you're going to get. Mostly it is always the same per chosen car type but I always either save the default setups with manually chosen tyres for both soft and hard, or use the telemetric HUD to check what I got on the grid.

13-10-2018, 21:05
Thanks for the tip!

14-10-2018, 11:29
Look track temps, I use softs if 25C or less, also date is a good indication (depending on location).
Might help, might not...

Pekka Salminen
14-10-2018, 18:24
If it is dry, the automatic by weather tires are always one compound for specific class, it doesn't change the compound based on track conditions (temp). For example, GTE and GT3 gets always hard slicks, while GT1 (and if I remember correctly, LMP1 & LMP2) gets Softs. However, at least with GTE & GT3, staying on automatic by weather often means that it puts hards on too cold conditions resulting in a car which is hard to control and slow. Picking the right compound is important but somewhat trial&error and experience stuff, as many factors affects which is better. Looking at the track temp is a good starting point, but track layout is a big factor too. COTA is very heavy on tyres, so it "allows" hards in a lower temps than something like Monza etc.

AI uses the automatic by weather compound, but AI uses simplified tyre model which does not account tyre temperatures, allowing them to run hards on cold track or vice versa without issues.

Finally I should add that in old car classes, tires might be a little bit different. Like soft=fast but wears quickly, hard=slower but durable.

15-10-2018, 00:37
Thanks man! I was at Road America and it seem like ai Cars had so much more grip.