View Full Version : Connection issue - anyone relate to this?

26-10-2018, 14:54
Starting playing this game coming from GTSport and AC, and seriously loving it. Hands down best sim I've played.
The past week I've had absolutely no problems with connectivity and never has issues with my fibre broadband. All of a sudden yesterday, I had a few issues when trying to connect to a few lobbies and got messages such as "too many players in lobby' even though it said the room was half full. Then when I got into a lobby it kicked me out after 30 seconds saying I've been disconnected. "Exiting session".
Since then I been able to play one race without being booted. Sometimes it'll say 'Disconnected from PSN" although my PS4 says everything is fine.
The funny thing is, is when I'm in a lobby and the message appears telling me i've been disconnected, the message is just an overlay, and I can continue to steer, accelerate and brake, and change the hud, although everything is blurred as its behind the overlay. The game actually continues, and it's only until I click X that it boots me. Is this just a graphical issue? Has anyone else had this happen?
I've looked online and these connection issues seems to have been a thing in the past. A lot of people keep suggesting to change IP addresses on the ps4 etc but I think that's garbage. If I managed to play a week of this game perfectly and have never ever had to change anything for any other game, I shouldn't have to change anything like that for this. I don't get how that would help? Currently got fibre broadband, perfect connections on all my devices and have tested ping/lat etc.
Love this game but this is driving me mad

27-11-2018, 15:15
I find two things cause me to disconnect, running my PS4 off of the same modem as my PC at the same time, and not using an Ethernet cable.
hope that helps?