View Full Version : Who turned out the lights ???

01-11-2018, 16:30
The Marmite Racing Communities weekly marmite cup night happened to fall on Halloween this week .
An evening of racing in nightmarish circumstances followed.
Our last nightmare race was racing Monaco , at night , in snow , in overpowered RX cars with no lights .
Midway through the race (ish) some bugger turned off the street lights .....I mean it added to our hellish evening of nightmares and was pretty scary ....but that's not right , is it ?
Watch the whole nightmare through Snappers live stream or skip to 2.35:00 (Lights go out about 2.35:30)
Things go from really bad and really difficult to no hope in hell, at all , in the slightest


Martini Da Gasalini
20-11-2018, 20:51
Damn looks like Monaco forgot to pay it's light bill lol

So what this a bug or was somehow part of the race?

21-11-2018, 11:11
We had something like that happening in an oval race (I think it was Indianapolis) a couple of months ago. The time progression was accelerated and after a couple of laps the lights turned on again. We didn't care too much, because it was one of those evenings with beer and talks, so it was actually quite fun. Seeing this happening again here, I think something must have been triggering this bug though.