View Full Version : Honest answers please: am I wasting my time with the Indycar series?

08-11-2018, 17:18
So I'm a massive, massive Indycar fan. Despite being from the UK and believing for many years that F1 is the pinnacle of all motorsport, for the past 3-4 years I have realised that the open-wheel racing over in the USofA is in fact far superior to anything else out there.

Of course, I was hugely excited that the Indycar presence was going to be expanded in Project Cars 2 and the game would effectively be the "official" Indycar game with many real life tracks and even the real liveries and drivers. But rather than jumping straight in, I wanted to work my way through career mode properly (and get the "Zero to Hero" achievement, which I didn't manage in PC1). So I've been grinding my way through all the Tiers from Ginetta Juniors to LMP1 over the past year, I got the achievement, and now I'm halfway through the Indycar series.

And... well... I just wondered what people thought of it. I really didn't want to cheat it, so I've got the difficulty up at 105 which is the high end where I'm normally at in other series (ranging from 85-105ish), but I'm just not getting on with it at all. I'm on an Xbox One X, so I shouldn't have any of the handling bugs in the OG Xbox.

1st race at Daytona: the AI just seem all over the place here. Throughout practice and qualifying, every 10 laps or so a huge stationary daisy chain will form on the longest straight that half the field will join. Literally one long line of cars, nose-to-tail. It's reasonably easy to avoid, but it looks insane. Setup seems alright, I qualify 10th. In the race I just can't get on terms with the AI at all. I get slower and slower through the race, even on fresh tyres, while the AI pace doesn't seem to drop off at all. I attempt the race several times out of frustration but I can't work it out. On several attempts, I get wiped out when the AI suddenly bunch up together and creep around the track in a huge pack, there's no way for me to react in time and steam into the back of them, taking off several tyres in the process. I end up shortening the race to the minimum laps, but still end up 19th and last on track.

2nd race at Long Beach: I qualify well, 2nd place and the car feels great fun to drive here on a single lap. But in the race, I just can't keep the same pace as the AI and my tyres seem to fall away crazy quick. I can just barely stretch out the alternatives to 12-13 laps and the primaries to 20 laps, but the AI seem to happily run a 18-20 lap stint on alternatives. I finish 15th thanks to AI retirements and crashes, but I'm so off the pace trying to keep to 3 stops in a 60 lap race.

3nd race at Indy GP: I qualify on pole by 1.5 secs. Again car feels great fun over a single lap. In the race this time the AI are crazy quick at the start and I can't stop falling back to last place within 10 laps or so, but in the second half of the race everyone seems to slow down by 2-3 seconds (even after making a pitstop) and I end up 10th.

4th race at Indy 500: I'm just practicing for this at the moment - but I just cannot find the setup for it. I think my qualifying setup is probably ok and I can get up to around 10th with a fast lap, but it seems impossible to run in traffic. If I'm 1 second or less behind another car, I almost always spin out of two or four even if I go way off throttle and am super gentle getting back on the pedal. The AI, of course, seem to have no issue running behind another car. I'm just feeling like a long race dealing with this is going to be so frustrating.

So my question is: is this really worth it? Am I just rubbish at setting up an Indycar and I'll slowly get the hang of it, or are the issues with PC2 AI physics and behaviour just particularly bad in this series still? I really really want to like driving this series, but so far... it's not a good experience, let's just say that.

My game time is so limited, I'm just wondering if I'm better off going back to GT3 racing in PC2, or even just packing it in after a year of ups and downs with this game and trying something else (like F1 2018).

If it's worth sticking at it - anyone got any setup tips for Indy? Particularly race setups - there are tons of TT setups that seem to work well over a lap.

08-11-2018, 18:16
The indycar is very good and very well done as a driving experience in PCars 2. The AI I cant help you with because I dont race them much. From what I have read here you may have to adjust the AI skill and agression levels to get the race that you want.

08-11-2018, 19:16
The AI generally are better on their tyres.
You might want to do a few laps in single-player to try to get to the correct difficulty for the race.
I wouldn't give up on Indycar, if you have the confidence they are incredible.

09-11-2018, 10:39
Some of the other open-wheel cars in that career path are a lot more fun to drive, IMO. Formula Renault is my favorite.

The AI is all over the place in PC2 in general as far as being consistent from track to track or even from session to session at the same one. Most people run a few laps to gauge how they are going to perform and then adjust accordingly. I've never had any luck with any series at the Indy oval. Most of them seem to slow down way too much in turn 1, and then run very fast everywhere else as if rubber banding to where they "should" be with overall lap times.

09-11-2018, 14:39
I've raced the Indycar at Long Beach more than I care to admit. ;) I've never had issues with it there. The thing that was noted about closely following, is that there is aero wash if you are too close. The AI runs a simplified aero model so yes they won't suffer per say as the player but that doesn't mean you cannot follow closely. You just need to adjust your braking and turn-in to account for the aero loss (this happens with all cars, but cars that are more aero dependent makes it more noticeable as it should).

12-11-2018, 11:44
Braking effectively in one of these things is an art too. Brake really hard to start with, and roll off as your downforce/speed goes away. It's hard to get it right without a lot of practice. Having a "pressure-sensitive" brake pedal really helps me be more consistent here. I use the Thrustmaster T3PA Pro with the rubber cone mod.