View Full Version : PC1 cars to PC2?

20-11-2018, 04:15
Folks, I was a mad fan of formula a in project cars 1 straight out of the box and found the cars exciting to drive with massive power etc. In project cars 2 I find the cars to be underpowered and when looking at the specs across both versions the project cars 1 version is nearly 1 second quicker in the 0 to 100km stat. What gives as the engine specs etc are the same. Does anyone know if you can somehow import the PC1 cars into PC2? I have copied manually all the setup specs from PC1 to PC2 cars but I cannot get the same performance. Help

20-11-2018, 07:39
sounds like you are still mad. You cannot copy cars from PC1 to PC2. The setups from PC1 won't neccessarily work in PC2 as the physics and everything are different.