View Full Version : Upgrading an old PC for PC1 VR duty?

28-11-2018, 16:26
A friend tried my VR rig and got bit by the VR bug the first time she played. She was searching for a way to get a VR system of her own on a budget and not having much luck.

I decided to try upgrading the CPU on one of my old rigs (from a 4300 to a 8350) and dusting off my old 780 to see if I could get her foot in the VR door....cheap.

My primary concern is the lack of vram (only 3gb) on the 780.

Has anyone here tried running PC1 below oculus minimum specs and, if so, did it work? How much vram does pc1 use in VR on low settings?

I have warned her that *if* it works, she will be stuck with ASW at minimum settings and no AA and she will eventually want to upgrade the video card.

She offered to buy my 1070 so that I would have money towards an upgrade, but GPU's are just too overpriced for the small performance increases they offer ATM IMO.

I would like my next GPU money to go towards a card that is capable of running two 4k screens. (I would even settle for 45fps at 4kX2) ...but that tech doesnt exist yet.

03-12-2018, 02:45
In case anyone else is searching for similar info;

Just ran a 20 car race at Nurburgring Nordschleife with this rig and the Rift, and it worked quite well. (PC1)

The demo with the robot and 3D printer worked great too.

780 3GB, 8G DDR3 1333, FX 8350. Both the CPU and GPU cooling fans (hyper 212 for CPU and standard "blower card GPU) run pretty hard/ loud but, after setting a custom fan profile for the GPU, both stay in the low 50's during game play.