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10-12-2018, 01:52
Running a quali session using Group C cars at Vintage Le Mans, I took off all my wing, bumped tyre pressures up slightly, had gearing where I was 200 revs short of the redline in top gear at full speed and found that was good enough for a terminal velocity of about 210mph on the Mulsanne. This was in the Sauber C9.

Sitting there quietly and another Group C car came by going maybe 30mph quicker than me. By the end of the straight he was 5 seconds down the road. It was a U1400 player. It came by so fast that I didn't get to eyeball exactly which Group C car it was but the table of times showed it as GRPC.

I haven't played with camber etc. but the basic ingredients of my setup didn't seem too awful. Anyone have any idea how such a thing is possible and what I'm missing? I know in LMP1 cars you can experience the same thing if you're not harvesting and deploying correctly and someone else is, but this is Group C where there is no harvesting. At least I thought that was the case.

10-12-2018, 02:25
Sounds like it was one of the Nissan GTP's as those are the fastest cars in that class. They aren't really Group C cars...

10-12-2018, 05:44
Other than that, 210 mph is pretty slow on Vintage Le Mans.
Even with the Sauber C9 (Low DF Spec!) you should easily hit 230 mph with the correct setup.

Franco Ferrari
10-12-2018, 07:22
Since that guy came behind you, he may have managed to gain advantage from your wake.

Anyway, I personally hit almost 400km/h (250mph) with the C9 with a one-lap-then-die setup, which means radiators and brake ducts closed, no wings and full turbo... but catching the brake point at the end of Mulsanne is another thing though.
But if damage is off, you can keep that setup indefinitely (if it doesn't rain at least) since brakes are not much stressed at La Sarthe.
You can easily reach 370km/h (230mph) though, with a more reasonable race-worthy setup.

10-12-2018, 13:53
Thanks all! Will do some experiments.

13-12-2018, 15:30
You guys were exactly correct. Huge difference. Thanks.

13-12-2018, 22:39
Check your ride height and boost.
Scraping and rake takes a lot off your top speed.

19-12-2018, 09:08
IIRC the boost on the Nissan R89C LM is set pretty low as default. So that can be cranked up a lot. With minimal wing adjustments, I think I could get 230 without much trying on the modern La Sarthe.

Its been a while though......