View Full Version : [RESOLVED] Project Cars 2 does not recognize my g29

11-12-2018, 19:14
Just bought this game and thought I would play it some instead of GT Sport but cannot seem to get Project Cars 2 to give me the option of using my wheel. The power is plugged in to the G29, it's plugged directly into the PS4, the PS3/PS4 switch on the G29 is in the PS4 position.

Suggestions appreciated, Thanks.

12-12-2018, 01:24
I start the ps4 with the power button, not the control. When it starts, the wheel will do its self calibration spin.
Press the PS button on the wheel, use D-pad on wheel to select and start the game.

12-12-2018, 12:15
Thanks. That did the trick.