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12-12-2018, 17:13
Ok, it is hard to get info about this online.

So I am looking for info on approximate budgets for a series annually and also on the chassis/engine.

Eg an LMP2 car is 483,000.
It is pretty difficult to get info, so if you know anything please tell me as long as you know it(please don't just guess a load of numbers-thanks).

Now I know I have made a mess of wording this, but thanks.

12-12-2018, 17:29
Here was something about pretty high level racing with GT3 cars:

12-12-2018, 17:36
It is pretty difficult to get info

That's because it doesn't really exists (at the pro level that is). You can find people tracking their yearly racing expenses and posting them online below the pro level, but you won't find that information online at the pro level. You can find car/chassis costs, but you won't find how much it takes to run one for a full season (i.e fuel, tires, team salaries, etc).

12-12-2018, 17:39
BTW, not in detail, but gives insight: https://jalopnik.com/this-is-how-much-it-costs-to-run-a-professional-race-te-1724802119

12-12-2018, 18:08
I don't have a definitive source for this, but these are ballpark figures I've heard mentioned several times from different sources - if as a driver you want to do a competitive BTCC season (ie, in a team & car good enough to give you a shot at the title) then you're looking at ~1M for the season. If you're happy to be in a team/car that's midfield at best and you're on good terms with a team owner (or you're good enough that you'll get the car further forward than it would normally be) then you might get a deal around the 20k/weekend mark.

Seven Smiles
12-12-2018, 22:32
At the entry level, from friends who did it, a year of Caterham Academy is reckoned to be 40k (if you want to be competitive) and at the end you can sell the car (if it's still in one piece...) for 20k.