View Full Version : standing starts: whats your method??

15-12-2018, 14:56
Standing starts, I am getting clobbered, losing 3 or so spots (online races) when I start towards the front. What works best for you?? Clutched? auto clutch? neutral with revs?? etc etc...

Rolling starts are hilarious, a crashfest before we even take the green!!

Thanks in advance!!

Red Leader
15-12-2018, 15:04
I do:

1) Clutch
2) 1st Gear
3) Rev limit
4) Release clutch @ Green

No brakes needed, but the car does move a bit, so I wait until the 2nd red start light.

15-12-2018, 21:36
As always, there's an Insider's Guide episode about it:


I usually do rolling starts offline though, works fine for me.

16-12-2018, 12:14
Clutch in, revs up, wait for the green, clutch off.
Some cars have torque so I'll clutch dump and feather the throttle for traction.
Some cars have turbo lag+traction, so I'll feather the clutch at full throttle.

16-12-2018, 13:28
Like all the above, except with the no-aids cars I'll 50% the clutch on release

16-12-2018, 15:45
I hold the brake as well just to prevent the car from rolling but might try just using the clutch.

17-12-2018, 09:16
I practise it in ehhh practise or in quali but that is mainly because my clutch is a button on the wheel. Some cars intend to drop dead after releasing the clutch if there is zero wheelspin so in that case I adjust first gear.

18-12-2018, 15:05
Yeah. I tried just the clutch in first gear in a 911 RSR and the car crept slightly. So holding the brake is probably the better option.

18-12-2018, 21:21
I hold the brake and clutch until just before the green. It creeps just a fraction when I release the brake and give it some revs.

20-12-2018, 22:28
I use manual gears but automatic clutch. Most times it's a standing start. But certain cars bog down heavily once the lights go green. BMW 320 TC is the worst. If I try to rev it up during countdown the revs just fall back off before green. I've never tried rolling starts for TC class. Maybe that would fix it.