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16-12-2018, 15:41
i have had my Trak Racer RS6 Mach 2 for about a month so I figured id post my thoughts for anyone interested in getting one. I was looking at the RS6 and the RSEAT S1 and RS1. The Trak Racer looked like a solid unit and was roughly $200/300 cheaper than the RSEATS at $650 plus $100 shipping.

Prior to purchase I had a few questions, my e mails and phone calls were answered in a timely manner, which can be rare these days.
Once ordered and shipped I was provided tracking info and the unit showed up via FED EX in 5 days, shipped out of Deleware(USA)

The unit was easily assembled, everything fit as it should and the finish is good, satin black powdercoat. The upholstery on the seat could fit a little better in some areas but this doesn't affect gameplay so not a big deal to me.

the seat is on sliders and the wheel has a good amount of adjustment as do the pedals, so virtually anyone can get the fit they are looking for. I did make 2 "custom" adjustments to the unit. The seating position, even in the tilted back position was extremely upright, to alter this I simply removed the rear hardware on the seat, which let the back drop about another inch, which is great, and the redrilled the seat bracket in the new position to re install the hardware. I also felt that the height differential, seat to pedals was a little much so I made one inch risers to go under the pedal base ,this created a position much closer to todays GT3 spec cars, which is what I drive the most. The last thing I am going to do is have a thinner butt cushion made for the seat, about half as thick. I tried driving without it, position was ok but was a little uncomfy after a bit. Of course all these things are personal preference and not a problem with the product.

I have no problem recommending this unit!! Good quality, looks great and the price is great as well and the company had good customer service!!




09-01-2019, 07:24
It is a rock solid unit , my only issue was the seat comfort , So I put my seat from my old rig in and now it's spot-on , My old seat has recline / tilt frwd & back / up / down and slide fwrd /back; the new seat was pretty much fixed. The change over required some small changes butr it was worth the 20 minutes labour.