View Full Version : Fanatec wheel setting

17-12-2018, 13:44
Hello, Santa got me a new toy -
Fanatec CSL Elite with club sport steering wheel Formula Carbon

wheel feels great but looking to get the best setting possible - any one have any wheel settings for FFB ?

17-12-2018, 14:37
FFB is very personal, not everyone finds the same things enjoyable. First, try the default Raw, Informative and Immersive presets and determine which you like the best, then fine-tune the preset. Read the help texts as to what the options do, assign the FFB Volume and Tone dials to buttons on your wheel for testing, change the settings while driving and feel what they do to the FFB for you. Also, make sure that you use the Telemetry HUD FFB widget to tune the FFB Volume so that the signal does not clip (red bar in bar graph does not come up).